Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tea of the Day - Apr/25/2017

This is Mama's famous lemon grass and ginger tea, which is "good for what ails ya"!  It's coupled with some breadfruit, which has been sweetened with honey.

Breadfruit is an odd fruit, to say the least.  It doesn't have much taste, apparently has lots of carbohydrates, (for a fruit, that is), and as far as I know has to be cooked before you can eat it.  Mama says she used to eat a lot of it growing up in the Philippines.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Tea of the Day - Apr/07/2016

This is good tea, but in incredibly cruddy packaging.  Worth buying if you're willing to put up with that, or can move the tea bags into an empty tea tin.

If you can forgive the silly box and tea wrapper, you can buy this tea at our online store: http://tea-universe.com/?product=tea-of-life-energy-50-round-tea-bags-2-6-oz .

Tea of the Day - Apr/05/2016

I was reluctant about this at first, because I wasn't too keen on "white tea", but I gotta say this is pretty good tea.

It's been added to our online store: http://tea-universe.com/?product=english-tea-shop-blueberry-elder-flowers-and-lemon-grass-white-tea-20-count .