Monday, June 20, 2016

Tea of the Day - June/20/2016

Lady Lipton is, I suppose, Lipton's answer to Twining's Lady Grey tea, which itself is a milder version of their classic Earl Grey tea.

Be that as it may, is "the Lady" a good tea?  I think so, but it is a whole lot milder than regular Earl Grey.  While it does have a nice citrus taste to it, if you are expecting a full blown Earl Grey taste sensation, then you'll be disappointed.  (But in that case, why not just buy normal Earl Grey?)

I like this tea, but I would use it as an alternate, not one of my staple teas.  In other words, it's good, but not exceptional.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Tea of the Day - June/06/2016

A Glass of Basic Iced Tea

Not every cup, (or in this case, glass), of tea has to be some new exotic brew.  This was just a simple glass of unsweet iced tea, with some Sweet'N Low added to make it palatable.  You know what ..... it tasted great, and was a perfect compliment to the more fancy fare we had for brunch.  (At the wonderful Dovetail, in downtown Macon Georgia.)

Simple or complex, tea is great!

(P.S.  -  Yes, that is Lola in the background.)