Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Tea of the Day - November/30/2016

This is an interesting flavored chai tea.  I'm not sure I'd like to drink it everyday, but as mid-winter drink twice a week or so it is very nice.

The taste is so unique I have a feeling that most folks will either love it or hate it.

We do offer this tea at our store: .

We also offer it bundled with Tazo Chai Vanilla Carmel:

Personally I would enjoy having the two flavors to alternate between, but if you just gotta have the pumpkin tea, then go for it!

Tea of the Day - November/29/2016

This is an interesting tea, in a disappointing kind of way.

I had bought it at a local discount store, (Tuesday Morning), and had hoped it would be as good as some other tea I had bought there.  Alas ...... the "happy" elephant is very weak, which is surprising for a chai tea.

Now as always, your tastes may differ from mine, and you may think this is the most delicious chai tea you have ever tasted.  However, I seriously doubt it.

Coincidentally we do NOT offer this tea in our online tea store, (, if you've forgotten), mainly because I can't find a source for it.  But I really don't think not stocking it is that much of a loss.