Saturday, December 31, 2016

Tea of the Day - December/31/2016

I figured this would be a good tea to end the year with, since it was a pleasant surprise.

I have a STUPID chronic sinus condition which flared up midway through December, and I've been feeling icky since.  So I wasn't feeling too great when I decided to try this tea, and to be honest a "citrus melon" (watermelon?) tea didn't sound too appealing.  But I gave the tea a chance anyway.

This is surprisingly good tea!  The taste, (to me, at least), has nothing to do with watermelon, which is a good thing.  (I think it would help the marketability of this tea to take the picture of the watermelon off the tin, but what do I know?)

I've written before of how difficult it is to evaluate tea, and since I was feeling less than prime, I expected my opinion of this tea to be bad.  If-and-when I ever begin to feel "normal" again, I'll have to sample some again, and see if my opinion of it has changed.

If you would like to give this tea a try, we have it in our store at, along with some other "Tea of Life" teas.

Tea of the Day - December/22/2016

This is another tea we bought through Harry & David.  We liked it so much that we added it to our store, here: .

This is the appearance of the tin we get from our supplier:

Regardless of how the tin looks, this is pretty darn good tea, as you would expect from The Republic of Tea.  It has nice cherry aromas and tastes, without being overpoweringly "fruity".  I could drink this tea everyday.

As a comparison, I sometimes crave a cup of Bigelow Raspberry Royale, but I do have to admit that it's strong flavor is better as an occasional treat rather than a daily staple.  Too much of its strong flavor would become tedious.

Try this tea sometime.  I think you'll be pleased with it.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Tea of the Day - December/18/2016

This is a very good tea, as you would expect from "The Republic of Tea".

We ordered ours through Harry & David; you can order yours through our tea store at this link: .

Behind the tea is a box of polvorones.  A polvoron is a type of snack or bakery desert that is popular in the Philippines.  Introduced during the Spanish occupation, it comes in bite sized pieces, and is good for satisfying the munchie urge without pigging out.

If you've never had a polvoron before, you can order some here: polvorones!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Tea of the Day - December/16/2016

I've given mixed reviews of other "Happy Elephant" teas, because I think they are a bit too weak.  However, those were black teas; this is a green tea, for which a less robust taste is expected.

But even given that qualification, I would still give good marks to this tea.  Why?  Because when I was having a nasty flare-up of my chronic sinus infection, this tea helped soothe my misery.

I'd love to say we sell it in our Tea Shop, but  -  alas!  -  the "Happy Elephant" brand is not one carried by our suppliers.

Tea of the Day - December/15/2016

This is an acceptable green tea, which, since it is a GREEN tea, is more impressive than it sounds.

Unfortunately our supplier doesn't carry it, so it's not available in our Tea Store, Tea-Universe.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Tea of the Day - December/12/2016

This is a really, really good tea sampler collection.  As you can see from the above pic, it includes 96 tea bags.  You get 12 different flavors of tea, 8 tea bags per flavor.

All the flavors are pretty decent, and some are very, very good, satisfying even our picky chief tea-taster.

We don't have this exact collection in our tea store, but we do have a comparable 120 tea bag collection here:

If nothing but the 96 tea bag collection will suffice, you can find it on Amazon:

Timothy's Variety 96 Sachet Sampler   - and -   Timothy's Tea - 96 Tea Bag Gift Set.

Highly recommended!

Tea of the Day - December/11/2016

First off, I need to say that today was our main tea-taster's birthday, so hold any criticisms or complaints until later, please.

Today's tea was a tea we reviewed first back in March of this year, namely, Brew-la-la Organic Spice Chai Tea:

Our opinion of this tea hasn't changed much.  Although some of us like it's lack of "bite", it's a little on the weak side for a chai tea, according to our primary taste tester, whose opinion should certainly be respected!

An Expert hard at Work

Be that as it may, we still sell this tea in our online store:  Brew-la-la Chai Tea.  It may be an ideal choice for someone who doesn't like a strong, bitter chai tea.  We all have different tastes and preferences!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Tea, (sorta), of the Day - December/10/2016

Today's "tea" isn't really a tea at all, but a so called "healthy energy drink".

I've been interested in energy drinks that are healthy for a while now, even adding a category of them to our Tea Universe aStore.  Check out them out if you're curious.  This particular brand is located here: Function Drinks Alternative Energy, Strawberry Guava, 16.9 oz.

The story behind this drink was this: we had been driving around Atlanta all day, winding up in Doraville at nightfall.  I needed a boost of sorts to make sure I stayed alert for the long drive back to Macon, so whilst shopping I had purchased a bottle of it, and drank it all before we got back on I-75.  (We had to run a few more errands downtown, and I-85 was a mess, so we puttered down Buford Highway to Lenox, if you're curious.)

It tastes okay: nothing spectacular, but not nasty like some other "natural and healthy" energy drinks do.  As for whether it works or not, I suppose it was okay.  I didn't get super groggy like I sometimes do after driving hour after hour after hour, and I didn't get a jittery caffeine rush either.  I think it's worth a try, if like me you're looking for an energy drink that won't harm you.

Here's what the PR for the product says:

"Too many energy drinks put you on a rollercoaster of too much rush, too much crash, and don't deliver the taste you're thirsting for. function: Alternative Energy gives you healthy, sustained energy for 6 to 8 hours, with no crash. The taste is clean, refreshing, delicious. Alternative Energy provides plant based stimulants including muira puama, catuaba, guarana and yerba mate. Each kicks in at a separate stage-when one is wearing off, another is just starting up. So you enjoy a smooth, strong, consistent energy boost that helps you make the most of your day."

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Insane Difficulty of Reviewing Tea!

Hey, this stuff tastes ....... uh, "different"!
Something odd recently happened.  If you've been paying attention, you will have noticed that my most current review of "Happy Elephant Chai Tea", (Nov/29/2016), differs considerably from an older review I made of the same tea, (Feb/28/2016).

What is going on here?

Well, giving me the benefit of the doubt and discounting the fact that I may be a senile, crazy old man, (hopefully not the case!), we have two possibilities:

1.  The tea was stored improperly, and in 9 months time many of the essential oils evaporated away, taking the flavor with them.  I find this unlikely, because of the tightly resealing container this tea comes in, but it could be possible, I suppose.

2.  We have just witnessed an extreme example of YMMV, (Your Milage May Vary), with respect to the desirability of a particular tea.  Given that tastes and preferences vary widely from individual to individual, perhaps it is not surprising that tastes and preferences may vary widely within the same person at different places and times?

In other words ....... whereas I thought "Happy Elephant Chai Tea" was good in February, by late November I considered it mediocre.


At this point, I too wonder why in February I thought it was "good"?  Does this look like a "good" tea to you?

Stringless, stuck-together teabags
The teabags lack a string and label, which I don't like, and are also stuck together in twosomes, which I really dislike.  (The ONLY brand of tea which packages its tea this way, and also IMHO has a quality product, is Celestial Seasonings.)

So I really don't understand my February review, other than to guess that at that time on that particular day I was in the mood for a very lightly spiced tea.  Who knows?

All of which just goes to show that the ONLY way to tell if you'll enjoy a particular brand of tea or not is to try it yourself, preferably more than once.