Saturday, December 31, 2016

Tea of the Day - December/31/2016

I figured this would be a good tea to end the year with, since it was a pleasant surprise.

I have a STUPID chronic sinus condition which flared up midway through December, and I've been feeling icky since.  So I wasn't feeling too great when I decided to try this tea, and to be honest a "citrus melon" (watermelon?) tea didn't sound too appealing.  But I gave the tea a chance anyway.

This is surprisingly good tea!  The taste, (to me, at least), has nothing to do with watermelon, which is a good thing.  (I think it would help the marketability of this tea to take the picture of the watermelon off the tin, but what do I know?)

I've written before of how difficult it is to evaluate tea, and since I was feeling less than prime, I expected my opinion of this tea to be bad.  If-and-when I ever begin to feel "normal" again, I'll have to sample some again, and see if my opinion of it has changed.

If you would like to give this tea a try, we have it in our store at, along with some other "Tea of Life" teas.

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