Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Insane Difficulty of Reviewing Tea!

Hey, this stuff tastes ....... uh, "different"!
Something odd recently happened.  If you've been paying attention, you will have noticed that my most current review of "Happy Elephant Chai Tea", (Nov/29/2016), differs considerably from an older review I made of the same tea, (Feb/28/2016).

What is going on here?

Well, giving me the benefit of the doubt and discounting the fact that I may be a senile, crazy old man, (hopefully not the case!), we have two possibilities:

1.  The tea was stored improperly, and in 9 months time many of the essential oils evaporated away, taking the flavor with them.  I find this unlikely, because of the tightly resealing container this tea comes in, but it could be possible, I suppose.

2.  We have just witnessed an extreme example of YMMV, (Your Milage May Vary), with respect to the desirability of a particular tea.  Given that tastes and preferences vary widely from individual to individual, perhaps it is not surprising that tastes and preferences may vary widely within the same person at different places and times?

In other words ....... whereas I thought "Happy Elephant Chai Tea" was good in February, by late November I considered it mediocre.


At this point, I too wonder why in February I thought it was "good"?  Does this look like a "good" tea to you?

Stringless, stuck-together teabags
The teabags lack a string and label, which I don't like, and are also stuck together in twosomes, which I really dislike.  (The ONLY brand of tea which packages its tea this way, and also IMHO has a quality product, is Celestial Seasonings.)

So I really don't understand my February review, other than to guess that at that time on that particular day I was in the mood for a very lightly spiced tea.  Who knows?

All of which just goes to show that the ONLY way to tell if you'll enjoy a particular brand of tea or not is to try it yourself, preferably more than once.

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